Hunger Games Video Game in the Works

It seems that the success of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy will not be stopping anytime soon. After getting a great box office opening run of $152.5 Million and 170,000 sold copies of its soundtrack, Lionsgate already has a follow up project for its successful movie run by bringing The Hunger Games to console games.

According to David Hayes, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Lionsgate, games is already at the top of their mind since the start of getting rights to the series. They are moving cautiously, though, on entering this kind venture for they don’t want to disappoint the fans and give them an enjoyable experience through games.

When you think about it, creating games is one of the feasible things to do if a movie hits big time on the box office. Just like what they did with the Harry Potter franchise and Spider Man trilogy among others. The only question is what kind of game Lionsgate has on its mind to capture the hearts of gamers and fans to play The Hunger Games in console platforms? Anyway, for now, all we can do is to wait for the announcement.

Currently, there are two games already inspired by the movie. One is for the iOS entitled The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire and the other is on Facebook The Hunger Games Adventures which are both free to play.

[via Forbes]

[featured image courtesy of PopCultureGeek on Flickr]

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